OxyCreates is a platform that provides members of the Occidental community an easy way own and control their own web domains and web hosting.

A part of the Reclaim Hosting movement, the intention behind OxyCreates is to provide a no-cost, non-commercial option for Occidental students, faculty, organizations, and projects that would like a dedicated web presence. Unlike with third-party publishers, you alone own the content in OxyCreates and can shape how it looks, feels, and the terms under which it is re-used. OxyCreates is also intended to develop web literacies by providing access to the fundamental tools of web hosting and over 100 easily installed open source applications.  

You can get started with OxyCreates by filling out the “Request Form” at the top of this page. Once approved, you will get access to a dashboard from which you can manage your domain. If you would like help or need a custom domain name, write to helpdesk@oxy.edu.